September 23, 2015

A traits of highly sensitive person


Personality traits is not something to be brushed away. It has much to do with the way we perceive life and accept our flaws.
Being highly sensitive can sometimes mean feeling confused, guilty for feeling too intently, too intimately, superpower, shy, etc
According Elaine Aron in his book he gave a ground breaking confirmation that Highly Sensitive People has “increased sensitivity to stimulus” and as being more aware of subtleties and processing information in a deeper and reflective manner. They analyse deeply and never act on impulse!
  • Slow at making decisions: they almost never make up their mind to do anything, they filter every plans with extra survey and make sure every aspect and details of their decision is accurate, which often take a longer time before they finally make up their mind.
  • Notice every details: they are particular about details, and pick up things that others may not notice, they scan their environment and people keenly. They know when you are lying or telling truth.
  • Criticism is not for them. It is difficult for them to accept criticism in a healthy manner.
  • Patient listeners: they will always give you a good advice, because they are good listeners and would only ask questions pertaining to every aspect of the situation.
  • Very emotional: they are a big reactor and not the master of their emotions, they will cry at the sight of someone else crying.
  • Excellent team player: due to their ability to pick up on how people are feeling, they are able to respond to the team’s needs to help them work in the most optimal way.
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