September 19, 2015

WAEC GCE English LANGUAGE SATURDAY 19TH SEPT 2015 answers are now ready


SATURDAY 19TH SEPT 2015 English Language 2
(Essay) 9.30am - 11.30am
English Language 1(Obj) 11.30am - 12.30pm
English Language 3(Oral) 3.30pm - 4.15am 

 51 - 60 BBDACBBDCD 


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Dear friend,
How are you,how is everything and family,I hope everything is going on fine,if so glory be to God Almighty. The purpose of writing is to make you know of our relocation to new environment
I told you earlier and also to bring to you how attractive the place is.

I must tell you my dear friend,our new area is so conducive and comfortable. in fact it is no way compared to our formal location. There are lot of playing materials. Apart from exergeration, that place is very attractive.

More so,have u ever been to a recreation center before? in fact,u need to come and with ness all that I am putting to you. There are several recreation centers here where you relax and enjoy yourself and even have. fun. The tourism center there can also never be left out. we have tourist attraction like museums mountains water bodies and the like.

Above all is how fast the education here is growing,it grows rapidly,due to the practical things we see around us here,as we do the theory we also touch the practical so it makes fast growing education feasible.

In short,our new location is educative,informative,funny,and above all,attractive.

yours sincerely
your name

No Condition is Permanent There was a rich man living in a village called waterloo.The richman is so wicked,greed,jealous and selfish..He treated people like animals,he did not care for the poor..The rich man had two wives and four children,two sons and two daughters..The two sons are called jospeh and joe. Joe is the eldest and Jospeh is the younger one. Whils the two daughters are mary and jane...The eldest son jospeh is so wicked to the poor people..A poor man from another village came to see the rich man, because he was hungry the rich man did not give him anything and he command his guard to draged him out of the compound.. Time come when the rich man started facing alot of difficulties in his life his two sons on the way comming home they met an old blind man and these blind man is from there father house for help and there father gave the blind man a bag and their was a poison snake inside the bag..so when the rich man sons see the bag with the old blind man, they try to stole it from the blind man and ran away..they went to a coner and try to opened the bag and they saw a big snake ,and the snake bite jospeh and joe ran away on the way going a lorry hit him..and both of them die..Their father was almost collapse when he had the news...in two days time his company was burnt down..all what he had was finish his wife and daughter ran away from him and he did not have no guard again...He ran away from the village and the village that he went he met a richman and he ask for help to the richman. The rich man said do you remeber what you did to me when i met you for help when you draged me out of your house..Iam not going to help you get out of my house...then the man went away he remain poor and at the end he die. =============================== ===============================

 NO5) NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT. Years back when I was a kid about age 8,I had a teacher in primary class Three. He was mean to us kids, taking out hisfrustrations on us in outbursts of anger resulting in verbal and physicalabuse. I, (and am sure) many others never forgot. Life went on. Ten years later as a freshman I was on the queue at theUniversity Health Centre in another city, when I heard someone call my name. Wonderingwho it could be since we were just few days in school, I turned around only tosee my teacher from years ago. I asked him what he was doing there. He told mehe too was matriculating. Thank God for Jesus! I bore him no grudges. The pastis past but I learnt my lesson. Then we were teacher and student. Now, we’re co-freshmen! The tableshad turned. Life had gone full circle. Oh, yes! Indeed life is a cycle. Those whoare up today may be down tomorrow and those who are down today may be up tomorrow.So, you don’t despise the “beggar” you meet on your way up, you may need him onyour way down! I think we need to re-evaluate the way we look at the people we meet onour journey in life. We should stop placing people in those little stereo-typedboxes we’ve formed in our heads. Destiny happens in the most unusual of placesand with the least likely of people. Tomorrow you may be the one to need thehelp of the person who needs your help today. Listen, that a man is down todaydoes not mean he will be down forever! Conditions MAY change. Conditions DO change. And conditions WILL change. No condition is permanent! 

(6A) We are informed that when he stood up to go home,that was the first time he will be standing up in hours. (B)He was careful because he felt he did not have his glasses on.
(C)He responded like that to his wife because he was bothered about his glasses. i copied from sharpnaija.com (D)He was agitated about finding the glasses.
(E)His attempt to put on his old pair of glasses helped him in discovering that he had had his glasses on all the while.

(I)Adverbial clause
(Ii)It modifies the verb,'waited'. 
(G)it is in quotation because the pair of glasses was not lost after all. 

Iv)a distance
V)rushed Vi)left 

i)The factor that militate against extra curricular activities is the over used fewer teachers present in schools 
ii)The factor that militate against extra curricular activities is the poor altitude on the part of the students themselves

(i)Students should participates in extra curricular activities in order to understand the fruitfulness of leisure i copied from sharpnaija.com 
(ii)Students should participate in etra curricular activities in order to have arrays of opportunities to self discovery of talents
(iii)Students should participate in extra curricular activities in order interest
(iv)Students should participate in extra curricular activities so as to be embedded with idealism and ready generosity of students of teenage

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