September 18, 2015

Waec Gce Government Answers is here


Public opinion can be defined as the collective beliefs,
judgements or views held by majority of citizens of a country
about public polity or action of the government.
(i) It directs government in knowing what the public thinks
about its policies and actions.
(ii) Helps in making government in moderating her actions.
(iii) Helps voters to cast their votes for popular candidates.
(iv) It serves as an avenue of channeling public view to the

(1a) Sovereignty is the absolute power of the state to exercise
supreme legal authority over its own affairs within its territory
without any form of external control.
-External aids
-International laws
-The supremacy of the constitution
-The influence of powerful nations

A bicameral legislature is one in which the legislators are
divided into two separate assemblies, chambers or houses.
Bicameralism is distinguished from unicameralism, in which
all of the members deliberate and vote as a single group, and
from some legislatures which have three or more separate
assemblies, chambers or houses.
(i) the most advantage is the security it affords the populace.
(ii)Two levels of government, elected in different ways, should
mean that more views of the electorate are represented at higher
(iii) less than scrupulous governments should not (ideally) be
able push through legislation against the will of the people.
(iv) vigorous debate on any proposed legislation should mean
that any laws passed have been subject to stringent review and
revision to make them practical and workable for the benefit of
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