October 02, 2015

Google Celebrating Nigeria at 55


Exactly 55 years ago, Nigeria got her independence from colonial rule, and Google joined Nigeria in the celebration with a beautiful Doodle.
The Doodle is a creative rendition of the Nigerian coat of arms. In it, a “green white green” eagle is seen flying over the major Nigerian confluence – the point where rivers Niger and Benue both meet.
According to the Google Africa team, “We have Doodler Robinson Wood to thank for such a lovely artistic impression. He also shared early sketches of the Doodle.”
The Google Africa Team, in a congratulatory message via its Twitter handle, also tweeted: “Here’s wishing Africa’s most populous nation a happy 55th Independence day. Keep soaring Nigeria!”
The Google Africa Team also changed the header photo on its Twitter handle to showcase Nigeria’s Africanness with six young women adorned in colourful Nigerian traditional head ties.
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