October 12, 2015

Wickedness: A Man Forced To Marry Dead Wife In Ebonyi


The family of a deceased woman has suspended her burial rites until her ‘husband’ who she was cohabiting with performs her wedding rites.
The woman Chinyere Mbam was been bitten to death by a snake while returning from the wake-keep of her friend, Oge Ogashi who passed on.
She was taken to a traditional healing home in the area for treatment and thereafter back to the husband’s home where she gave up the ghost when she could not respond to the treatment.
Her uncle, Ishiali Ikwe confirmed her death.
But the deceased’s family have mandated his ‘husband’ Stephen Mbam of Enyi Igwe village Ezzainyimagu community in Izzi local government area of Ebonyi State, to carry out her traditional marriage rites before she is buried.
It was gathered that the woman had been co-habiting with Stephen for three years and their relationship produced a child even though he did not fulfill her marriage rites.
According to the Uncle, the family has put the burial on hold until Mbam performs traditional marriage on the deceased.
He further said that Mbam’s family, in line with the tradition of the land, have scheduled a date for payment of the bride price to be preceded by the wedding

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