July 31, 2017

Aged woman seen carrying firewood, narrates how young man staying in her home constantly steals from her


Facebook user, Onyeozi Chukwunonso, shared the story of an old woman whom he met in the village. According to him, the woman believed to be in her 80s lost her way while returning from another village where she had gone to fetch firewood.  Seeing how tired she was, he helped her carry the log of firewood while she narrated how a young man who was brought to help take care of her, constantly stole from her.
He also advised that adequate care and attention be given to aged people. Read his post below:

"Please we must be very very careful with the people we left our age fathers and mothers in the village , the firewood you see me carrying here is not because I want to go and fetch fire wood But because I met an old woman who is about 80 something years carrying this firewood she have lost her way in another village she don't know where she's going again she told me so many touching stories about the young man living with her how this young man we steal her money and refuse to do anything for her I don't want to go into details please take care of your age father a mother in the village for your own good I know the reason why I don't want to show her picture Now listen to my observation you cannot have an aged mother in the village and you went and bring a young man to take care of her it cannot work because she's very old  the young man  cannot help her when she want to go to the toilet or bath she needs a mature lady or a woman like her that will do all these things for her the woman I saw today in fact she was smelling because the young boy she's living with cannot take care of her if anything happens to her tomorrow you will start shedding crocodile tears you better go and take care of your mother in the village please I'm begging you people.

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