July 30, 2017

Facebook Slay Queen ‘DC Queen’ Killed By Ritualists In Ghana And They Cut Off Her Tongue And Pu$$y

A popular social media slay queen, DC Queen, has been reported dead.

According to reports, the Facebook slay queen popularly known as DC Queen met her untimely demise at the hands of suspected ritual killers after a night out.

According to her friend on Facebook, Cleopatra Barbara Afya Akpablie, DC Queen was murdered by ritual killers in Kwabenya area.
“She was found dead with her tongue and p*ssy cut off,” she said.
She went on to sound a note of warning to others who frequent a certain spot in that area to watch it.
“Those of you who like going to Jus Touch around Kwabenya better put an end to it right now,” she advised.
While it is not yet clear if the police have arrested any suspect in connection with the murder, Cleopatra was quick to shut down a report claiming that the police had made some arrests. According to her, the report is part of a plot by her friend’s real killers to kill the story as the report was supposedly written in March while this is July.
Cleopatra, who went on to defend her friend’s lifestyle (and maybe her’s) against trolls who attributed her death to greed and the chase for material things, then called out Samson El Michael, accusing him of the murder of her friend..
Cleopatra blamed their choice of lifestyle on a ‘not good home’ and insisted there is nothing wrong with liking rich guys and no matter how much they kill them for rituals, they won’t stop.
“We girls like rich guys and so what? If we were your sisters and those broke boys were your friends, would you advise us to date them?

Manna doesn’t fall again bros. Let them use us for rituals like that we ain’t complaining,” she said.
Meanwhile, some friends have taken to Facebook to send their condolences ..

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