July 13, 2017

House of Reps Members Gives President Buhari Qhui Notice

Today, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members of the House of Representatives, declared that there is vacancy in the Aso Rock come 2019.

Leo Okuweh Ogor (Delta) stated this to highlight the struggles it passed through in the course of ‎the party’s legal battles that resulted in the victory at the supreme court.
Ogor speaking to journalists said that the APC administration has been all promises and no action, and has occasioned the impoverishment of Nigerians who now live in hunger and insecurity, Vanguard reports.

The lawmaker said the APC having failed should see the PDP’s legal victory at the supreme court as a quit notice towards 2019.
“We believe that there’s vacancy in Aso Rock. APC should start packing their things from Aso Rock because PDP will take over in 2019,” Ogor said.

“Nigerians tasted almost 16 years of PDP, they have tasted two years of APC but that is a journey Nigerians don’t want to continue with.
“Come 2019, we shall restore true democracy where governance belongs to the people.”

Ogor added that the APC has been “all promises and no action”, adding that it has “occasioned the impoverishment of Nigerians who now live in hunger and insecurity”.

He further said the caucus will “wave the olive branch” in an attempt to bring back its members that earlier defected.
“We believe that they will come back because there is no basis for not doing so, the ticket that got them to the house did not belong to them, it belongs to the party,” he said.
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