July 13, 2017

No Division Between Buhari, Osinbajo And Ministers- Lai Mohammed Says


Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has denied speculations that there is rift between President Buhari, acting president Yemi Osinbajo and some Ministers. Lai refuted the speculation when he spoke with newsmen at the venue of an event organised by the Aviation Round Table, an industry pressure group, in Lagos.
“There is no division between the Acting President and the Cabinet, there is no division between the Acting President and Mr President,” he told newsmen
The Minister in his interview called on the media to be responsible in its reportage, particularly with reports that contain hate speeches. 
“Most of the people who consume these hate speeches don’t know much better, otherwise they will know that there is absolutely no truth in what is being circulated. All these talks about division, I think they are just fictions of the imagination but they have a purpose which is to weaken this government, to ensure that we are distracted and I’m happy that we as a government, we are resolved that this is a very trying time of Nigeria and we must all put in our best to ensure that this country remains one”he said
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