July 31, 2017

Sahara Reporters Owner,Sowore Reveals Why There Is No More Corruption In Nigeria

Omoyele Sowore, publisher, Sahara Reporters, says there is no more corruption in Nigeria because there is nothing else to steal.

Sowore said this in his presentation at the Tracking Faulty Towers workshop which held at the University of Kent, London.

He jocularly said President Muhammadu Buhari became sick as a result of the money stolen in Nigeria.

Sowore expressed delight that Nigeria is no longer among the ten most corrupt countries.

“There is no corruption in Nigeria anymore because there is nothing else to steal and loot,” he said.
“When Buhari saw how much has been looted, he became sick… We are happy that Nigeria is no longer among the ten top countries in the world.”
He said corruption thrives in Nigeria because of the weak institutions and compared Nigeria’s anti-corruption mechanisms with that of more developed countries.

Sowore also said western countries accepting loot from Nigeria should be blacklisted.
“Western countries accepting Nigeria and other countries stolen money should be the ones tagged corrupt,” he said.
“In my village, the custodian of stolen things is seen as the main criminal… People cannot steal in western countries because where to keep the stolen money is a challenge.

“The Western world made their system very difficult to steal and loot money.”https://ylx-4.com/fullpage.php?section=General&pub=818398&ga=a
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