July 29, 2017

''We Shared Same ”Pant” – Late Yoruba Actor, Adebayo Faleti’s Widow Says

Olubunmi Abosede,the wife of late Nigerian poet and actor, Adebayo Faleti, recounting all they shared together while he was still alive, she revealed that she shared a rare mutual connection with her husband.

According to The Nation, though they started off from different sides of the divide in terms of exposure, education and age, in 1981, however they embarked on a romantic and marital sojourn that blossomed to the delight of the couple, their close friends and family.

One thing, Olori (as late Faleti usually called Abosede) would never forget in a hurry was their closeness. Describing it as borderless, the widow recalled painfully that they were so close to the extent that they shared the same pant. This is aside their usual practice of sharing the same clothes around the house, particularly overnight, and before getting dressed for the day’s activities.
“We were so close to the extent that I wore his pants and underwear. Up until his death, if you come to our house very early in the morning, maybe around 6am, I wear his clothes all around the house before getting dressed or set for the day’s activities. Baba was always willing to give me his Buba to wear. We were so close,” she said tearfully. 
“We were very close during his lifetime. From the time my parents sent me out after I took in (got pregnant) for him, he accepted me and my child and promised me that no hurt will come to me. He fulfilled his promises. 
“Since we got married, I don’t eat alone, I will only eat when he gets back from work. He does the same thing by not eating out until he gets home because he knew I wouldn’t eat until he gets back from work.” 
Being his ‘only wife’
When asked the numbers of wives her beloved had in his lifetime, Abosede would not put a figure to it but she would not also deny the obvious; she insisted that she was the only one residing in Faleti’s house and she stayed married to him until his last breath.

Abosede took solace in her late husband’s manner of responding to the question anytime he was asked, especially by journalists.
“If you had visited Baba in his lifetime or even read many newspaper interviews of Baba on the question of the number of his wives, his response had always been that he has only one wife. Most times, Baba would even ask you, how many wives you ever saw in his house or under his roof. And he would be the one to answer that it is only one wife he had. 
“So, I do not know the number of wives Baba had but he had already said it with his own mouth, how many wives he had. All I know is that, I have been the only one living with him and under his roof since the first day we got married and till he died,” she said.
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