August 28, 2017

Here’s What Gifty Has To Say About Meeting Veteran Actress, Lilian Bach


Gifty who met Lilian on a movie set in Asaba wrote:
So out of no where my mom gave me a big surprise by inviting @iamlilianbach to my room, immediately i saw her..ahhhh omo i no waste time o, i gave out a big scream filled with excitment,i hugged her like say i wan chew am by force but she understood my craze sha. At last i met with my “look alike” queen. What melted my heart was when she said “Gifty i watched you in the show and i must say you are a Star” + Her warm advice gave me the look of “Huh she’s talking to me like say e don tey wey we know”She so adorable and humble .

Here’s what she shared:

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