August 31, 2017

If you don`t know this 3 things, don`t Engage in double Dating


Some people think that having many partners is good, fun and gainful. They think that one that has many lovers never gets hurt, stressed, disappointed and broken hearted since she/ he has many partners around to lean on. But that’s not true at all. Having many partners is a waste of time, money, energy and it puts your life at risks. It stresses and it always puts you on panic.
1. MEN: Think of the situation where you’ve got many girls that you are pushing out with, You have to cater for them, you need to take them out on dates, when it comes to special days like birthdays, valentine, Christmas… you have to shower them with presents. You have to keep your phone out of their reach. You have to be deleting messages all the time. If some of the girls are students maybe at a certain university; you need to raise at least half or a quarter of the tuition that’s if she’s an orphan or not.

You need to provide at least half of the money for accommodation and her necessities but remember you aren’t the only guy doing this for her. You need to meet all these girls on a daily basis; you have to show them that you love them in any possible way. You have to always be with new lies to tell them and you have to be very careful so that you don’t repeat the old lies. When it comes to calling them; you have to contact them all and in case one finds your phone busy for long hours, you have to be questioned who the caller was. You have to take them shopping on different days and spend like a son of a billionaire.
2. WOMEN: Think of a scenario where you have got many men you’re dating. You got to meet them all. You have to be deleting messages all the time. You have to be with sensible lies to tell all these guys so that you drain something out of them. You have to show your body almost to all these guys who even won’t settle down with you and they have no intention of marrying you. Think of kissing every guy’s lips… think of the sleepless nights you’ll be having since you’ll be yapping on phone with these guys in different intervals. Think of the daily panic you’ll be encountering since you don't want these guys to get to know each other. Think of playing se!x with all these guys just with need of getting something out of them and with a need of proving to some of them that you love them and you appreciate what they do for you…

3. Now, If God is on your side, you can succeed in playing all those games with those innocent hearts and you don’t get caught but do you think God can be happy with all your deeds? If you’re not lucky enough, things can screw up and you end up being dumped like a used toilet paper. And in most cases the one that you loved most is the one who hates you the more and that hurts so much. Now you’ll be left alone with a broken heart. You’ll start thinking of the years you wasted, the serious people you took for granted, the money you spent like a fool which you would have used to do something productive and the energy you wasted on people who used you. Think of your lost dignity, think of the ugly names that people will start calling you and think of the diseases you’ll acquire. My dear friends, if you’re a victim of this, stop it immediately and settle down with one person who will love you for what you’re not for what you have or what you have to offer. Stick with one person who won’t love you for fun or to pass time with you
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