August 29, 2017

Ladies See Ways To Make Your Partner Not To Cheat On You


Most women assume that the reason men cheat is just for the s*`x. That’s usually not the whole story, but s*xual frustration can be a factor. As time passes in relationships, the quantity (or quality) of s*`x may change. He wants s*`x-you have a headache. He wants s*`x-you’re too tired. He wants s*`x-you unenthusiastically give in. He wants oral s*`x-you’re not into that. Men naturally think about s*`x more than most women and suppressing their desires is extremely difficult. Blame the testosterone for that. If you don’t want your husband or boyfriend to feed his s*x`ual urges with other women, reduce the chances of this happening by keeping him satisfied. Have your hormones checked if your libido is extremely low.
Don’t just dismiss the notion that a healthy s*`x life is important to prevent infidelity. When it comes to s*`x in relationships, it’s not all about how often you do it. Even if you have s*`x everyday, s*x`ual frustration can arise when you and your man aren’t interested in the same types of s*x`ual acts. It’s best to find out early on what a man likes s*x`ually; therefore, you can pass on the relationship opportunity if you are not s*x`ually compatible. If you’re s*x`ually conservative, don’t bother getting involved with a man who loves anal s*`x, role play, BDSM, or other non-traditional forms of pleasure.
Choose a man whose needs you are willing to satisfy-and do it. Men cheat because they don’t feel wanted.

Sometimes women get so caught up in a cycle of game-playing that their man starts feeling unappreciated. Men want to feel like their woman still fancies them; it’s this need that gets satisfied when they sleep with other women. When a man feels left out and unwanted in his own relationship, he’ll feel the need to validate himself by sleeping with other women to feel like a man again. Hopefully cheating isn‘t a worry you‘ll have to deal with, but if you understand why it happens in the first place you’ll have the ability to ensure your relationship never reaches that position.
Be willing to initiate s*`x. Men equate s*`x with desirability. Help your man to feel desired by expressing your love in a physical way. Be open to experimentation. It can be easy to get comfortable and fear of the unknown can stop you from being open to different s*x`ual experiences. Allow your man to try new things with you. If you won't, there will be someone else who will. I'm not saying to engage in s*x`ual activity you find repulsive but allow yourself to experience new things with the man you love. Let him know the consequences. Early in the relationship, you can let him know in a lighthearted way (but with a deadly serious undertone) you will not tolerate a cheater. Tell him straight out when he's basking in the afterglow of your affection.
He will remember that and think about it before he cheats. It may not stop him, but if you are still worth coming home to for him, it just might. Don't nag. Some men live for their girlfriends, and some men just put up with them. Be the kind of girl men live for. It won't make you "unliberated." In fact, it will probably make him your willing cabana boy, doing everything he can to please you. Cook meals he enjoys, watch the football game with him, give him space and silence when he wants to read the paper or watch the news, and give him plenty of brief touches and smooches so he never loses that connection to you.

Now you know he is a cheat; the next thing is for you to find out why he is cheating on you. Are you denying him something; or is he just insatiable? Are his friends responsible for this? Could you tell if he had always been like that – may be you knew but decided to manage him, hoping you will change him? Is he trying to get your attention; or is he drowning in the much you are providing? Or worst still is he just a perpetual cheat…an uncommitted brute? Whatever; when you find out why, stop everything you are doing that had encouraged or is encouraging his habit. If you are unhappy in your relationship, don't point your finger at your partner. Look into the mirror and decide what it is that's causing the unhappiness. If you want something different from your man, ask for it. If he gives you what you want, then great! If he doesn't then look inside yourself for the solution.
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