August 01, 2017

Man Executed Publicly For R*ping And Killing 3-Year-Old Girl (Photos)

A 41-year-old man has been sentenced to death for allegedly raping and killing a three-year-old girl in Yemen.

The execution of the suspect, Muhammad al-Maghrabi, which took place at Sanaa Tanir’s square was witnessed by a large crowd seeking justice for the minor.

The suspect cuffed and laid on his back in the square, was shot to death with a rifle fired by a policeman.

Speaking with the press, the father of the victim, Yahya Al-Matari, expressed satisfaction over justice metted out on the suspect, saying he felt reborn after the execution.

Al-Matari said gladly;
 “I felt like a reborn, this is the first day in my life. I am relieved now.”

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