August 01, 2017

Photos: Children brutally tortured in prayer houses during deliverance and thrown into the streets, rescued in Akwa Ibom


Volunteers at Child's Right Rehabilitation Network (CRAN)  rescued three children from the street today and brought them to their shelter in Eket.
According to the NGO, two of the children were brutally tortured in prayer houses for months before being thrown into the streets. The girl manage to escape when a man tried to force her and other kids into a vehicle.
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"These kids just arrived the CRARN Children center. They were rescued by a team of our volunteers.
"Two of them were in different prayer houses for months for a phantom deliverance and fraudulent exorcism before being thrown to the streets.
The scars and fresh burns of wounds on their bodies due to long term lashing, scalding  and systematic tortures are not worthy of exposure as Mark Zuckerberg beloved men will bring down this piece.
"The only girl among them said she ran away from a group of children in Oron when a man came to force them into his car.
"This is how the hapless children are being trafficked into prostitution, child labor and sex slavery. Thousands of them surfer this fate in Nigeria.
"Ritual killers are also on the sprawl for their body parts meant for black magic for politicians, businessmen and pastors who crave for miracle power.
"If churches see nothing wrong in dubbing children witches which lead to their torture, abandonment and deaths; or becoming a nuisance to the society, the government should be daring enough to shutdown such churches.
To reach out to these children, go to www.CRARN.net "
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