August 31, 2017

Relationship Advise: 10 Things you should not do in a Relationship


Relationships will be more beautiful and long-lasting when we know the intrinsic steps and guidelines. I am so delight to share this few tips with you guys…just sit tight, read,think and add this into your respective
relationships-sure it will work.
1. Don’t disguise yourself,learn to be your true self. Don’t live another persons life because you wanna please your partner. If they wont accept you the way you are,then they should be ready to leave you the way they see you.
2. Do identify your purpose: It’s certain,any relationship that lacks purpose,lacks vision. And any relationship that lacks vision has no mission. Sometime ago,i posted something related to this,i said ‘you have to state the purpose why you wanna sign in into any relationship’identification come first.
3. Don’t waste each other’s time: If it is not working,it is not working. There’s no two ways about it. Don’t waste you time,thinking that the relationship will work out.
4. Do respect each other’s view: Don’t be one-sided kind of person,always learn to give your partner a chance to express him or herself. Respect them and their opinions sometimes. Your partner will feel loved when they are respected and appreciated.
5. Don’t compare: comparison wont do you any good. Am right to say that you choose your partner-right. Your man,your woman cant be like anyone else-that’s individual differences. Learn to love and accept your partner the way they are,they cant change from their unique self.
6. Do pray for your partner: Every relationship needs God & prayer. Always put your partner in your prayers. If you truly love them,you definitely have to pray for them.

7. Don’t have premarital s-x: Premarital s-x has a way of ruining your relationship and your destiny. Any relationship that is build on premarital s-x will easily crush as soon as the s-x is gone. As a single person,why Don’t you wait? Why have s-x now?what if you contact a vulnerable disease? What if you get pregnant? What if you die on the process of abortion? What if you are unable to accomplish your dreams in life?What if you regret it later? Don’t you consider all this

8. Don’t go n*de: N-dity is st*pidity. Your dressing speaks for you. It’s now a usual trend to go n*ked or probably half n-ked in the street,and that’s sad Really sad! Your n*de attire wont get you a serious you man who is ready to propose very soon,but a man who is ready to sleep with you and dump you. My dear,you gat to shine ya eyes….
9. Don’t be rude: My dear ladies,you have to be friendly. Be very polite in your expression,the way you
talk,the way you react-it all matters. To my guy mans,biko Don’t be harsh on girls,address them politely.
10. Sincerely apologize to your partner whenever you go wrong. Don’t feel too big to do something small and don’t be too small to do something big.re
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