August 31, 2017

Three Ways Women always destroy their sweet Relationship


Women who nag constantly are indirectly pushing their husbands into the arms of other women. After having a long day at work, the last thing a man wants to hear are complaints. Nagging depresses them and drives them away from the house. They would rather hang around in bars to cool off rather than go home. Men do not want to spend time with nagging wives.

1. Influence of friends. Another way women break their homes is through the actions of third party. Most women have friends who they believe are their confidants; these friends know every detail of their marriages and know when they sleep with their husbands and the thickness of their husbands’ sperm. Women should learn to be more private with certain information as it would help them keep their homes. Comparing the successes of your friends’ marriages to yours is no way to live. Some of the so called confidants envy you and want to be in your shoes. They could advise you to leave your home and move on to greener pastures. Be wise!
2. High expectations: Most young women getting married now have high expectations. This may not be a problem if their partners are financially buoyant. But when women want to live above their husbands’ means, then there would be problems. They would be pushing their husbands beyond their limits and it would definitely get to the point where they would snap. When men then develop immunity for the women’s thoughts and pushes.

3. Using se@ as a weapon: Many women know men love se@ and so use this to get back at that when they feel they have wronged them. Se@ was created to be enjoyed by man and his wife; it was not created as a weapon. Most women wreck their homes the instant they start to use their butts to fight. If you do not give in to him pleasurably, he would find it elsewhere. And when he starts getting it elsewhere, you are no longer safe
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