September 26, 2017

6 Important things to know before you date any girl


1. She has girlfriends who are cheating on their mates.
Never underestimate the power of peer pressure. Adults are susceptible to it, too. If a woman has one or more close female friends who are cheating on their husbands or boyfriends, she may eventually start cheating, too.

2. She has an excessive need for attention. A woman who constantly craves attention may cheat on her mate if she feels she's not getting enough attention from him. She will be easy prey for any man who showers with her the
attention she feels she deserves.

3. She's materialistic. – A materialistic woman is likely to have an affair with a wealthy man because of the material things he can provide. She can easily be seduced with jewelry, designer clothes, lavish vacations, or the cash to buy these and other expensive things.

4. She views séx as a statement of her femininity. – Her identity as a woman is tied to how many men she sleeps.

5. She flirts with other people in front of you.

6. she doesn’t answer certain phone calls when you’re around. They look especially panicked when the phone rings.
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