September 01, 2017

Here are the 7 Type Of guys, Ladies Hate With Passion


This article is written to make some men understand what women want in relationship, you can`t be living your life anyhow and expect a woman to be dying for you, some guys need to step up in life because not only i love you women wanted.

1.) Uneducated Men
A rich man without education is not the best ladies. Yes, he can afford everything you want but he dare not open his mouth to make a speech in front of your friends or parents or your bosses. Most ladies get so embarrassed and ashamed of these men in most occasions.

2.) Over Godly Men
No one said a man is not supposed to be God-fearing or be born again. In fact, its great thing to marry or date a man who fears God but these ones in this category are the ones who call Jesus ten times in a conversation of 5 minutes.

3.) Violent Men
No woman in her right senses should go for these group of men. These men think beating up a woman is cool, shows their strength and authority in their homes. They treat women like trash for the fun of it. These men are full of pride but the secret is they are suffering from inferiority complex.

4.) Mommy's Boys
These ones annoy most ladies I know. They run to their mothers for every and any little thing going on in their lives. They also compare us with their mothers. They can forget to get you a gift while on a foreign trip but their mothers always have something expensive. Some of these men always talk about what their mothers have achieved and if not for their mothers, they won’t be the man they are. *Rolling my eyes*

5.) Unintelligent Men
I have a problem with men who are not brilliant, smart or even intelligent. What's our discussion going to be like? Unintelligent men are shallow and short sighted. They cannot even think for themselves or make sense out of nothing. Most of them can neither create business ideas nor anything that can bring us money.What's their use?

6.) Lousy Men
These men get me angry every time. Ever being in a gathering where only one guy's voice tops everyone else's or he talks when no one wants to listen? It's different when he's the life of the party. This one just loves talking and making noise.

7.) Dirty Guys
A man who cares less about his hygiene should be incapable of housing a relationship. These men grow hair under their armpits and manhood region long enough to be a forest. They look shabby all the time. Some even care to wear ironed clothes or comb their hair when coming to meet your parents.

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