September 01, 2017

Learn to Make someone Love and Care for you - 10 easy ways


Love is so strong especially when it’s true with the right person. It can change your entire life. It can make you adjust in many things. It can shape you into a different a person. It can make you change your behaviours. It can make you do things you’ve never thought of. It can teach you many things like how to care, how to sacrifice, how to give without expecting in return, how to appreciate, how to be patient, how to love yourself… It can make you discover yourself. It can make you quit some of your habits. It can make you limit yourself from some of your friends. Love can and even makes you cry. Love can give you everlasting incurable pain. Love can make you be jealous. Love can make you think of doing strange things like committing murder, suicide… Love can break your heart and at the same time it can heal it

1. Always pet him/her both physically or on social media.

2. Be sweet and romantic to your partner.

3. Be honest all the times, lies will never help your relationship

4. Good kiss ,hug and hold the person like 5minutes create more feeling[ For married spouse]

5. Do you know that early morning text message is amazing to someone you love, let's assume you are sleeping on same bed with your partner and wake up and write sweet text and send to her phone,she wake up and saw the romantic text from you,it will be fun, morning romance will occur, the feel has being created in the spouse mind that she will think about all day. Be your union sweet and romantic. No dulling at couples reading this article

6. Telling Her Daily That She is Loved.
Everyone wants to be affirmed.
Everyone wants to know they are
loved. The best ways to say "I love
you" are usually in simple,
everyday, seemingly unimportant
ways like an unexpected hug or
holding hands when you walk

7. Understanding and Forgiveness.
There will be days when your wife
will make mistakes or when she will
be difficult to be around. No one is
perfect. She both wants and
deserves your willingness to
understand and forgive her.
Remember that no relationship can
be sustained without forgiveness.

8. Make Time for Her and Your Children.
Having quality time with your wife
and kids isn't something that just
happens. You have to make it
happen by not only making the
plans but by following through.
Time with those you love has to be
a high priority for you.

9. Say "Yes" More Than Saying "No".
Habitual negative responses to your
wife and kids can push them away
from you. Think twice before saying
"no" and you will be surprised at
how saying "yes" can improve your

10. Commitment to Take Care of Yourself Both Physically and Emotionally.
Many men are notorious for not
taking care of themselves when it
comes to health issues. This isn't
fair to your wife. She is your lover --
not your mother. Take
responsibility for your own health
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