September 01, 2017

Love is powerful, see what Girls normally do when they need boyfriend


We all know that NO lady would ever admit chasing a guy. They also chase dudes in a coded manner and pretend they don’t probably because they are naturally born pretenders. They are always like, despite the species of guys begging me to date them “God forbid I woo a man”, if he can’t make advances, let him get off, Is he the only man on earth but they are just pretending, they normally ask a man out. She Gives You Close Marking. You are both reading in the classroom and the moment she spots you, she packs her book and sits next to you. She’s like, pls can you explain COM 101 to me better because I find it difficult to comprehend.

If I hear say na her mission be dat ** cheesy She’s Extraordinary Humble. When frustration of boyfriend comes, a very rude lady becomes extra ordinarily nice and you’d be like, this babe is humble to the core (Ironically she’s not like that at home). She Sends You Friend Request & Denies It. She must have heard about you so she decided to add you up. She pretends she doesn’t know how you got into her list or WhatsApp contact. She will display NOTICE ME Attitude. When she sees various species of dudes clustered around a particular place, she keeps doing things just to get noticed.. She starts speaking grammar stylishly gazing at them if what she’s saying is audible. She Utilizes Opportunity. She spots a guy whom she likes standing in front of her compound, she tries to come out even if she has nothing doing outside and that’s when she remembers the grass in front of their house has not been cleared since the time of Soddom and Gommara, she goes inside and picks a cutlass and while cutting, she starts gazing at him hoping he would come to say “oooooh pretty, lemme do this for you”.. Hahaha !!!
Cheesy Check Status Updates. You see updates like, “I’m a woman of virtue and I know it”; anyone who finds the key to my heart finds a treasure; I really want to know what love is.. This updates however catches fancy, All she wants is for you to make comment about that Status! Chilling Alone At The Eatery She might just get dressed and chill at the nearest eatery. She orders for what she wants and pretends she only came to enjoy herself and nothing more but deep within herself, she’s hoping a random dude would come and ask her why she is seated all alone She’s Wants You To Strike Up A Convo. Imagine you both met each other at a shop and she was being attended to because she came earlier than you. After buying her stuffs, she no go go lae lae.. She remains there hoping you would say hi to her.. [ many ladies would deny this ] They will be Smiling Unnecessarily, Hahaha cheesy Someone that doesn’t smile at home will start smiling the way Usain Bolt smiles when he wins gold medal. You “hi” her and she’s already smiling She Includes Her Phone Number/PIN On Social Network. You see her PIN/phone number on social media. She purposely included it in her profile because she knows request would definitely be rolling in from various species of guys.
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