September 28, 2017

Neymar: Fight between Cavani were invented stories

Neymar: Fight between Cavani were invented stories

The Brazilian was believed to have soured his relationship with the striker when he demanded he should be PSG’s penalty taker.
The attacking pair were seen arguing during a victory over Lyon about who should take a penalty. Neymar lost that argument after he had pushed Cavani off a free-kick earlier in the game.

Fans were watching Neymar and Cavani closely on Wednesday night as they tried to spot any lingering animosity between them in the Bayern Munich game. 

Neymar: Fight between Cavani were invented stories

There were a few incidents that attracted attention including when Cavani wrapped an arm around Neymar after the attacker missed a sitter. Despite the talk, Neymar insisted there was no issue between him and Uruguayan. ‘They invent lots of stories, they talk too much,’ he said after the game.

‘They say things they do not know, try to get into our locker room and end up talking too much, things that do not exist. ‘But anyway, it’s OK.’
At least both players scored last night in an impressive 3-0 victory over Bayern in Paris.

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