October 12, 2017

11 Ways To Make Any Woman Fall Deeply In Love With You


Love always important in our life but loving a wrong person lead to regrets. Sometimes many people don't understand the rules of relationship, there are things men see as love and many girls don't understand it, many guys sees love as one thing and if any woman can display such a simple thing, the man will fall like iroko tree for the girl. What men called Love is RESPECT, non matter what you're doing for a man without 100% respect and submissive to him, he won't count your feels and cares as love. Non matter how you love a man without respect, any day he come across a lady with massive respect for him, he will start misbehaving and dump you.

Every man sees love as Respect, the same way women takes love as caring,attention,being romantic and being there for her. Advice: Respect your man before another woman kick you out because of simple thing called respect.
1. Look for ways to make her laugh and smile. Making her smile is a sure way to winning her heart again.
2. Get her a gift when she least expects; it doesn’t have to be on her birthday.
3. Be your sweet romantic self; call her sweet names, show her some sweet gestures and learn to say kind things to her.
4. Notice her hair, clothes, nails, makeup and everything she does. Most times she does these things for you.
5. Listen to her. Just listen to her talk and hear all she has to say. Women love being listened to and they’d always fall for a man who listens to them.
6. Those cute compliments about her smile, her beauty, her dressing and everything,there’s a reason she blushes when you tell her these things; she loves hearing them and want to hear them from you.
7. Never stop being a romantic partner/husband, no matter how long you’ve been together.
8. Study her and know those little things that thrill her and do them.
9. Make her feel pampered. That’s how she knows she’s valued.
10. Be the man that knows what to do to make her smile even when she’s in a bad mood.
11. Appreciate the things she does for you, even the little things
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