October 22, 2017

3 Reason a Girl Will Never Sleep With You even if she loves You


1. Lack of comfort
A cute chick could be massively attracted to you, but that won’t lead to s```x until she feels a certain level of comfort around you. Firstly, she needs to feel safe alone in your presence.
You might be handsome, but you’re still a stranger who can overpower her. Secondly, she needs to feel some sort of emo`tional connection. S``x is an emotional experience for her, so you’ll need to touch her heart before you touch her body. Don’t try and take her home the minute she admits she’s attracted. That’s a great way to make her uncomfortable. Instead, spend some time alone in public. Share stories, take her places, get to know her.

2. Slut-shaming
It’s frustrating that correctlove exists. Society shames girls who sle`ep with me`n they’ve just met, and most girls will place their reputation ahead of even the most gorgeous guy. She’ll rarely admit she wants to have s```x with you, so be subtle in your attempts to get her into b``d. A great first step is to get her away from her friends, where she’ll feel more free to release her s``xu`al side. As for pick-up lines, ‘Wanna f``````k?’ doesn’t work. ‘Back to mine might.

3. Bad logistics
Our correctlove society also tells her that getting s```x should not involve any effort on her part. Hence, she’ll nearly always reject a 50-minute night-bus journey for s````x. She won’t walk home in the rain or vacate any mates she’s looking after. She won’t mess up any important plans she has in the morning. So, get your route and your excuse to go home sorted beforehand.
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