October 12, 2017

4 Annoying Habits of girls that guys hate


I love my girlfriend with all of my heart and soul, but I sometimes get annoyed with some of the things she does, things that just make me want to stop talking and just be angry in my own space because I hate being angry at her. I dub these things “Annoying Girlfriend Moments” and every girl has a few of them, if not all. Let’s begin.

1. When they talk about relationship problems in public/online
Guys hate it when their girlfriends discuss their personal issues with others, especially on social networks. It goes from being a counseling session to mere gossip and soon everyone starts giving him the looks because of some random fight he had with his girl. Fights are common in every relationship, and everyone has at least one confidant who they sometimes go to for help or advice, but they never spread their fights and issues in public.
2. When they don’t acknowledge their efforts:
My ex used to ignore most of what I did for her, the tiny details meant nothing to her and all she cared about was the major chunk of it all, that used to hurt me a lot. Guys hate it when their efforts are left unnoticed and aren’t acknowledged. It is sort of impossible to get a guy who’s emotional and sentimental and knows how to show it, and it hurts more than anything to feel under-appreciated.
3. When they’re super clingy:
Guys hate it when their girlfriends don’t give them enough personal space, everyone needs room to breathe on their own safe haven and don’t want someone constantly watching their every move. Personal space is very important for every relationship because it keeps people sane, you may love them more than anything in the world but you still want to remember who you are at the end of the day, we all need our private time where no one else is allowed.
4. When they have too many guy friends
I’m going to say this very clearly, this is very natural, it goes both ways too. It’s annoying for girls when their boyfriends have too many girl friends, the same way it annoys guys when their girlfriends have too many guy friends. People who think this is “narrow-minded” are either too scared to admit it or aren’t in a real relationship, it just naturally hurts and sometimes a lot more than usual, this isn’t about trust.
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