October 12, 2017

Bad signs in Relationship that leads to Breakup


In dating sometimes you need to leave relationship that not making you happy, you have to understand in dating not all relationships will lead to marriage. Love is a beautiful thing but not when loving wrong person.
Moving on from a relationship is hard, it’s harder when it’s years down expecting things would change only to start right all over again

1. When a relationship is more pain/more tears than laughter, physical and emotional abuse then it’s time to leave. Being in a relationship should come with joys, laughter and even when tough times call they should be ‘lovingly’ dealt with.
2. When there’s a breakdown in communication (after several attempts to try to fix things), you can’t seem to both agree on anything and more then it’s time to go separate ways.
3. You don’t feel bad/remorse after cheating on your partner
4. When it gets to a point where a party or even both puts little or no effort into the relationship, stop caring about what the other person feels, likes, preferences or even looks like and the relationship becomes a series of programmed excitement, it’s time to move on. If you care about someone everything they do/are will matter to you, when this goes out the window so has the relationship.
5. They keep committing offense and no remorse.
6. Many people are against the relationship and you realize their reasons for being against relationship is true.
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