October 13, 2017

Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Demoted for Ordering Davido's Arrest


Mr Imohimi D. Edgal who just recently got promoted to the post of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police has been reportedly demoted for ordering the arrest of music star Davido over the death of his late friend, Tagbo.
Davido with a series of CCTV footage and a statement from his lawyers proved that he left the Shisha Bar where the drinking game took place after repeatedly failing to convince Tagbo to follow him.
An intoxicated Tagbo is seen shoving and pushing Davido and some of his mates when he they pleaded with him to enter their car, but he refused and went back into the bar, after which Davido left for Oniru in his car with his team, leaving Tagbo in the Shisha bar. The lawyer's statement claims that Davido was at Oniru when he heard about Tagbo's death.
The controversy surrounding the case has now been cleared and the current commissioner, Imohimi Edgal, who just resumed his post has been demoted by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Ibrahim Idris to his substantive rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP).”

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