October 26, 2017

For Smart Guys: One Thing You Should Avoid Doing to a Woman you Date


Guys: Never you do this one thing to any woman cos one day you'll regret it
I'm counselor and relationship expert, I have experience and I have handle many relationship problems. Many men has been making mistakes which has cause them a lot of damages in spiritual and physical life.

Relationship always a beautiful thing but don't be carry away doing wrong things just because you desperately need a woman in your life. Fact has been proven" Guys can do anything just to sleep with a woman he's lusting after, sometimes they become selfish and senseless just because of 5mins act. I have encounter with some girls who are spiritually baddest, sometimes you'll see a beautiful woman without knowing she belong somewhere, reasons why writing this article because many has fallen the victim of this madness. Guys never force a woman to have S e X with you, I know you have spend a lot and she turning you down But forcing a woman to love you or giving you what you wanted in her life will lead to something bad. Yeah you may have force many girls to have S e X with you but one day you'll surely jam the one that will mess up your life. I was doing counseling, a man who force a girl was telling me challenges he's facing just because he force a girl, the man business not moving again, every night having bad dreams, every night experiencing different attacks, just because of 5mins.

I have encountered many Stories, one girl told me about her spiritual life, she said "if a man force me or make me cry or beat me, he's in serious trouble, I will attack him spiritually and physically, he will surely cry and end up in agony, she told me that she has deal with many men, they have pull many men down, make some useless in life. I have heard a lot of issues about forcing a woman, non matter what between two of you, if you have chance to force woman, bro don't force her, you don't know her spiritual life, you will end up buying problem for yourself. If she doesn't want to allow you touch her, don't force her. I have a lot to write about this article but I have to stop here.
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