October 22, 2017

it works that you too can charge your mobile phones using razor blade


Do you know that you can charge your mobile phone with razorblades? Are  you curious? I felt the same way you feel now when i came across this tutorial too and decided to share it with you guyz.

It is amazing To Here that you can charge your mobile phone with a common razorblade. There are so many forms of technologies even yet to be discovererd.

Does This Tutorial Work All Mobile Phones?

Yes! This tutorial works on all mobile phones, as long as it is mobile and you have the charging port's supposed charger.

Can This The Blades Also Charge Laptops?

No. This the blades can nit charge laptops, it can only charge mobile phones. This is because the power laptop consumes and that of a mobile phone is totally different. Think of it, we are talking of using blades to charge a mobile phone here, which is almost impossible. So how do you expect it to work for laptops that even a mobile power bank cannot change.

How Long Can The Blades Charge A Mobile Phone?

Depending on the number of blades you use, it can continue changing but the main thing is the rate at which it charges (how fast). It can charge for a very long time, but in a very very slow rate. But at least it can be used to boost your battery life for some time.

Pros Of Charge Your Phone With Razorblades

These are the good things with charging your your mobile phone with a razor blade;

1. You now have an unbelievable knowledge on technology from InfoRetweet that you can teach and share to others.

2. You can now boost your battery when its about to die or totally dead.

3. For emergency purposes.

Cons Of Charging Your Mobile Phone With Razorblades

These are the bad parts about charging your mobile phones with razorblade;

1. It can damage your mobile phone's battery life gradually.

2. Doesn't charge for long and not fast enough (just for fun or emergency proposes).

8 Requirements For This Tutorial

These are the major things you need to have before you start this tutorial;

1. Razor blades (4)
2. Carton
4. Tape
5. Cutter
6. Tiny wires
7. Your mobile phone you want to change
8. Charger of the mobile phone.
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