October 17, 2017

Love Techniques: How to know you're in love with someone


If you’re in love, first of all congratulations, Love is a beautiful thing especially when someone you're loving is loving you back. There are many questions about love that need answers.
Is it possible to be in love without knowing it?

Yes. I think it is. It's happened to me and I only realized it when a good friend told me that I loved her. I rejected it at first, thinking it was just an infatuation or a crush, but when I realized that I would do anything for her, that the feelings weren't centered on me, I saw how true it was. Real love.
These are How to know you're in love with someone without even knowing it.
1. You may start experiencing these"You can't stop staring at them" you're falling in love without knowing it.
2. You always think about them, you keep finding yourself thinking about them.
3. You always wishing to be around them, if you're around him/her ,you always feel happy and fulfilled.
4. You find yourself sacrificing a lot to see them happy.
5. Sometimes, you start doing things you don't want to do but you are doing them.
6. You go out of your way to find out about their family and friends, sometimes you login Facebook or other social media's to find more details about them.
7. You adjust your personality to like things they like. It’s genuine, too, you sincerely start to like the things they like.
8. You are addicted to their social media feed.
9. Everything reminds you of him.
All you think about is him.
10. You find yourself always talking about him.

11. You’re endlessly curious about him
You literally can’t help but be interested in every little detail about him.
12. You totally stop thinking about your ex. It’s a crazy experience. You never thought you’d see the day where he’s truly gone from your thoughts, but now he is… because someone else has taken over your thoughts.
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