October 22, 2017

Must Important Things to Know about Kenya Ladies before you date them


1. They love God fearing man who will not use them anyhow
2. They like dating white people
3. They like marrying white people
4. They like me.n with big d!c!k
5. They like lying

6. They like che!ating
7. They like !s!e!x
8. They like dating many guys
9. They like dating marr!ed me.n
10. They don't like someone to date their husband
11. They like clubbing
12. They like rich guys
13. They like when their guy is telling them lies
14. They believes that !s!e!x is love.
15. They  like jobless guys
16. They like cult boys
17. They like to insult people on internet
18. They wear clothes that shows inside their body

19. They can wear one p!a!nt full day
20. They fight for boyfr!end
21. They talking too much
22. They cook bad food.
23. When you take them out they ask for big thing that even if you sell them they will not reach the price.
24. They always claim right for their mistakes
25. They like to show their selves
26. They like fake pastors and fake Rev father's
27.  They like watching TV and open they le!gs Don't try this at home with a Kenya girl or
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