October 11, 2017

Reckless Rooney

Reckless Rooney

Former England Captain Wayne Rooney is currently nicknamed 'The Gambler'
Gambling is fun by the way, but when ones turn it a hobby its something else.

The Everton striker, who has been seen countless numbers of times gambling at casinos from midnight till dawn. [who does that]
Reaching the level of even having a VIP account at the casino.
Throwing away not less than £850,000 at a blow [he needs Warren Buffet for advice]

Well, as reported: Some of his actions might be to the influence of too much beer.
onlookers said that he is 'Seeming to be in his own world'.
Because of his fame in the gambling hall,
A social media poker betting app had to use him as their brand face.
Now am thinking, does he forget that they are charity organisations which he can throw in few bucks into to save a life?
 But the Former Manchester United star keeps losing 'thousand a minute and hundreds of thousands per hour.
Rooney has the addiction of playing Roulette putting long shot bet on solo numbers.
Funny enough, 'Wayne gets a VIP treatment in the casino.' said the management.
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