October 13, 2017

Relationship tips: Simple Techniques on how to make your relationship last long


Pay attention to the signs. If it's not meant to be, you will see it, feel it and know it. Don't waste too much time trying to change someone who has no desire to change.

A relationship is all about making each other happy, creating happy moments and fond memories, loving and caring about each other. If it seems like crying, screaming, abusing, insulting, and fighting one another all that time, then that’s not a healthy relationship. It's something else. You need to be very observant, analytical, know what you want and ready to make moves anytime when you aren't getting what you deserve. Life is to short to pretend that you are happy and contented with someone in a relationship yet you are hurting inside every day.
If you well know that you truly love someone, never stop making them feel loved or wanted whether you are in a short or long distance relationship. Keep investing in your relationship the same effort you used to put in when you had just met your partner. Don't be too prideful to do some things. Admit your mistakes and seek to make things right. Don't be a person of excuses all the time. Keep dating each other every now and then to make your relationship last. If you choose to relax and sleep, someone else capable will come in and take your place and you will go on cursing and preaching how men or women are bad and heartless yet it's you who became careless about your responsibliities.
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