October 23, 2017

Relationship Tips:Ladies These 9 Habits can Spoil Your Loving Relationship

1. Avoiding fighting.
Love isn’t all good, all the time. Disagreements are bound to happen, and arguments can be a healthy part of a relationship. Never having conflict may make compromise impossible . Just don’t make fighting an all-day affair.
2. Not talking it out.
If something is wrong, the other person
probably can’t read your mind. When a problem comes up, speak up at the right time. One study suggests young couples are less stressed when they talk out their issues than when they keep their feelings bottled up. And don’t forget to say, “I love you.
3. Forgetting to forgive.
People make mistakes, and holding on to grudges may not only hurt a relationship—it could also cause unwanted stress and anxiety .
4. Timing discussions badly.
Conversations about important issues, like relationship expectations and financial blunders, all have their time and place . Don’t bring up serious topics when someone’s stressed, like at the end of the workday or right before hosting a party. Set up a time to talk when both people are relaxed.
6. Keeping score.
Sure, relationships should be about give and take , but don’t keep track of every little detail (For example: I paid for the last six dinners, and you only paid for five!). It can cause unnecessary tension.
7. Being melodra`matic.
No relationship is perfect . So don’t create unnecessary drama in every scenario. If a mate forgets to take out the garbage, there’s no need for a scene. Take a few breaths and address the problem calmly.
8. Spying.
When two people want to make it work, trust is key . Have confidence in your mate and respect their privacy: Don’t sno`op through texts, emails, or be`dr`oom drawers.
9. Allowing jealousy to take over
. Doubting your partner may be a sym`ptom of a larger problem: relationship insecurity . And women who feel insecure in their relationships may be at greater risk for health issues like a weakened immune system .
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