October 11, 2017

Remembering the Messi kiss


Remembering the Messi kiss
The Barcelona star Lionel Messi was recently mocked by social media activist for not being able to kiss a girl.

Leo, as fondly called by close friends lead his heartthrob Antonella through the aisle.

Nevertheless, football can't be mentioned without this guys name.
 Lionel Messi although a five times winner of Fifa Ballon d'Or  he's also human after all (but not on the pitch)
The Barcelona star, 30 walked through the aisle with with childhood sweetheart Antonella, 29.
Messi, as we all know, is excellent and super good on the pitch and hardly makes mistake, but for once he did.
Giving Antenolla what I call 'Panna kiss from a Panna king' in front of the entire reception who burst into laughter, of a truth the kiss was awkward.
When videos were published on social Media Messi was mercilessly mocked.
'Lionel can do the impossible with the ball but cant kiss a girl'
I know many of us are his faithful fans [me too] but for once our king of dribbling disappointed us.
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