October 23, 2017

Things that Happen when you fall in love with a Wrong Person

We sing about it, write about it and watch movies about it, but when you think about it, falling in love is crazy and maybe even weird.
It makes us feel and do things we usually wouldn’t under any other circu`mstances.
First of all, it physi`cally affects our hor`mon`es and brain. In fact, scientists have shown that love affects the brain in a way similar to cocaine addiction. Not only that, it also affects us.
Here are 4 crazy, weird sym`ptoms you may experience when falling in love:
1. Your ho`rmo`nes go wild.
When you fall in love, your cheeks flush, your heart beats faster, your palms are sweaty and your head starts spin`ning. This is all thanks to a rush of chemicals and hor`mo``nes that flood your brain and body when you fall in love.
This leaves you with feelings of euphoria similar to an end``orphin-induced “runner’s high.”
There’s nothing you can do about this; love physically makes you crazy.
2. You wake up and go to sleep thinking of someone other than yourself.
From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sle`eps at night, the person you love occupies at least some part of your mind. How does your brain even know to think of that person first thing in the morning? Doesn’t it have other more important things to worry about?
The truth is this phen`ome`non is usually subconscious and automatic, almost like your mind is programmed to do so. Even throughout the day, that person stays staunchly in the back of your mind.
As crazy as it may be, it is nice to think of someone beside you every once in a while.
3. You smile when you’re alone.
We’ve all seen them: the smile texters. Smile texting is the perfect example of what happens when you’re falling in love. You experience weird, giddy feelings of happiness, even when you’re not physically with that special person.
You might smile when he or she texts you, when you hear a certain song, see a picture on Facebook or when you just think of that person.
In general, little things like that will make you smile more than usual because you are just so blissfully in love (and because of all those happy h`orm`ones flowing through your blo`odstre`am).
People may look at you funny and wonder why you’re so happy, but you don’t even mind.
4. You become a little obsessive.
I wonder what she’s doing right now. I wonder if she’s watching the game. She loves football, which is cool for a girl. But I forget what her favorite team is … I need to ask again. Or maybe I should ask now. I’ll mention it if she texts me later. Oh look, a bag of chips. She loves chips. But only the BBu kind.
People in love, love to think about each other. They somehow manage to relate even the smallest things to the person they love. If your life is the universe, then chances are, your love is the sun, and everything revolves around that.
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