October 23, 2017

Things that selfish People like doing in a Relationship

1. They think that it’s either their way or no way at all.
They are intolerant of the opinions of other people. They think that they are always right and that people must always follow everything that comes out of their mouths. They don’t really respect opposing points of view and they just plainly don’t respect other people at all. They only think about themselves and they tend to get tunnel vision a lot. It’s difficult for them to work in group settings; and in relationships as well. They are also incredibly stubborn and it can be stressful to get into arguments with them.
3. You feel like you’re the only one who is putting in the effort to make the relationship work.
Relationships are hard work. It takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment in order for a relationship to even have a fighting chance. But if you find that you’re in a relationship wherein you are the only one who is actually committed to making things work, then it’s a doomed relationship. You have a partner who is willing to kick back and relax; who is willing to just let you do all the work. Relationships shouldn’t be like that. Relationships should have proper synergy with both adults sharing equal responsibilities.
5. They still flirt with other people for fun.
They don’t give a damn about how you feel. They couldn’t care less when you experience heartache as a result of their actions. They will flirt with other people just to feel better about themselves; in an effort to boost their egos. Even if it means that you get hurt in the process, they are still going to end up doing what they want to do.
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