October 21, 2017

You Have 3 Lessons to Learn When you Catch your Partner Cheating on you


1. It’s much better to be single than it is to be unhappy in a relationship.
If things were going very well in your relationship, then it is highly unlikely that your partner would cheat on you unless he were an actual s``x-deprived psyc`ho`path. But again, the signs of cheating should have been there early on. He would have been emotionally and physically distant. You would have felt a tinge of unhappiness and discontent in your relationship. Your chemistry was way off and you knew it deep down inside, but you were afraid to end things because you were afraid of being single and alone. But in the end, the relationship still concluded in substantial heartbreak because you didn’t have the courage to walk away.

2. Keep your emotions in check.
As emotionally tumultuous as it can be to be cheated on in a relationship, you have to learn how to keep your emotions in check. You have to be able to act rationally in a relationship and you can’t let your emotions get the best of you. You don’t want to give him any reason to label you as the “crazy girlfriend” who just makes suspicions out of thin air.

3. Don’t waste your tears over someone who isn’t worthy of them.
Yes, getting cheated on can hurt. But obviously, this person didn’t care about you as much as he should have. And you shouldn’t be wasting your tears over someone who doesn’t care about you.
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