November 08, 2017



1st  Way

Step 1: Just download this app called blue FTP  
For Android download here
Or Google play store
1. Copy the 2go of the person you want to hack, to his memory
2. Open your blueftp and search for his Bluetooth by pressing the
right navigation key.
If done then you can see his folders
3. From the blueftp, Open the folder you copied the 2go in his
memory Card, and then you will see 4 items namely:
=> 2go.jar
=> 2go.jad
=> 2go _rms
=> 2go_rms
4. Click options on the first 2go_rms and select ''open as text''
5. You will see many writings that you dont understand, but at the
top you'll see username and at the right of it is the PASSWORD!


2nd  Way


- BlueFTP Download
- 2gov10.5 Download
- Class Translator Download
- AD-Translator Download
- Class Editor Download

STEP 1: Download 2gov10.5. Now rename to 2go.zip and Open BlueFTP to extract, Now the following files should now be left out.


STEP 2: Open Class Translator or AD-Translator then Locate & Open this .Class file NewLoginClient.class. After Successfully Loading Of the File, scroll Down to a text

STEP 3: Change this numbers to Your Prefer then Save and Repack with BlueFTP

NOTE: After Successfully Packing and Uploading to Any Download Portal. U will start receiving 2go Usernames & Passwords. Immediately Log Into the Account and Change the Password.

3rd  Way

How do I hack someone's 2go account? With a Symbian phone?

Lets ride...

if you wana hack back your 2go account,just use this simple steps below...

What's the hacking means? What do you need to do the hacking? Just the person's username on 2go. 
First, download these apps ,

XPLORE for Symbian..

You can get all in Google, after that install and get ready...

Steps for Hacking a 2go account with just Username

STEP 1 of Hacking 2go account :-install SECiMAN on your Symbian phone , insert the person's username in the box that you'll find

STEP 2 of Hacking 2go account : you'll the see something like= INSTALL SERVE94
You need to copy it and make sure you don't copy the quotation marks with it.

STEP 3 of Hacking 2go account : Locate HELLOOX.
open and extract it. inside of the Helloox, make sure u mark all the draw files that is inside the Username and you will see another column.
Mark this one too.
it will ask you if u want to lock.
Simply click yes.

STEP 4 of Hacking 2go account : open Bluftp or XPLORE.
create a folder and extract all inside the folder. Then go back to the helloox application and remark all again as well and it will ask you will release it letter

click no and the password is all yours.!
Copy down the password.

To use the hacked password and login to hacked 2go account...
Simply launch your 2go application and delete your own username and password. Input the other username with the hacked password.  
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