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How to Cheat in Any Game Using Cheat Engine | Tutorial

Cheat engine hack is a very powerful tool for creating video game cheats by scanning the memory locations for the code they contain, and then modifying the code to create an advantage over other game players. It works on Windows platform and advanced programmers can code it so that their cheating is undetectable. Check out the god mode cheat for our Battlefield 4 Hack below (this has been patched). Let’s get started on our How to Cheat in Any Game Using Cheat Engine | Tutorial

Download Cheat Engine 6.2 | IWantCheats on FaceBook
All you need is Cheat Engine (link above) and the game you want to hack on your computer. Cheat Engine is a free piece of software and the hacking process used is very simple, so don’t get discouraged. This tutorial is for newbies, so we will take the process slow and use really simple cheating techniques.

How to Use Cheat Engine, the Requirements

There are just two things you need to code and create cheat trainers on your own and they are:
  • The Cheat Engine (CE) debugger
  • Gain the right knowledge and simple techniques to help you find the values you need to locate
Some people are put off learning how to create their own trainers because of the programming requirements. However, learning the basic handling in cheat engine is usually enough to get you started. As with acquiring programming skills in any language, patience is an important asset because you can bet on it you will get things wrong at first or things just won’t work. It might be better to start the learning experience on smaller games and progress to bigger, more complex games as your skills improve. The usual sequence of start, scan and restart has to be repeated multiple times to enable you to obtain multiple pointers on the go, this is where the patience is paramount. If you just want the easy way out you can check out our Cheat Engine forum section and get cheats already released for the game your running. The video below shows how easy it is to use Cheat Tables on your favorite game, the example below is using the .CT on GTAV.

How Cheats Work with Cheat Engine

Running a video game or computer program on your PC involves storing data in memory commonly referred to as RAM. Each memory location in RAM has a unique address such as 00F0E880.
RAM is volatile and although memory locations have fixed addresses, the data they contain will change depending on the programs running currently. Creating a trainer therefore requires you to identify a function, called a “pointer” whose purpose is to direct you to the right value.
For example if you want to change the number of lives you have left, you need to find the memory location where the data for “lives” is stored.
The trainer will allow you to identify the function within the game which points you to the desired location, wherever it may reside in memory, allowing you to modify it to suit. If you are new to cheats this probably does not make much sense but once you get creating trainers then it will all become clear.

How to Cheat in Any Game Using Cheat Engine | Tutorial Making the Cheats

A trainer is created by performing a scan for the value that requires changing and ensure you have the correct value. Next, a pointer scan is executed for the particular address and it is common that dozens of pointers will be thrown out. The next step is to attempt to whittle down the number of pointers to a small number and this is accomplished by rebooting and rescanning, using the same value and the newly assigned memory location. The goal of this process is to reduce the number of pointers to work with and so the process is repeated until the number of pointers are below 300.
After all the hard work is done the next stage is to simply copy all the pointers into your Cheat Table, restart the game and connect Cheat Engine. Now its a matter of simply comparing the values in your cheat table to what you are observing within the game environment. That way you should be able to see which memory location corresponds to which value. See how to use Cheat Tables and Cheat Trainers here.
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