November 16, 2017

How to Stream Live Video

Ever wished you had your own TV show? A webcam and an internet connection is all you need! Want to show off your gaming skills? Game streams are becoming more and more popular by the day. Streaming live video is the future of the internet, and it is simpler than ever to get on board.

1. Find a service online to broadcast on. In order to stream live from your webcam, you will need to sign up with a streaming host. The host will provide the bandwidth that will allow you to share your stream with others. Many of these websites allow you to stream without having to worry about installing an encoder. Popular services include:
  • Ustream
  • YouNow
  • Bambuser
  • Livestream
  • Google+ Hangouts On Air

2. Create an account. All streaming services will require you to create an account with them in order to stream. All offer a free account option, and many offer paid accounts that remove ads and increase the number of viewers you can have

Use the service’s built-in web broadcasting program. Almost all services allow you to broadcast without downloading any special software. Using web broadcasting software will usually result in a lower-quality broadcast than using downloaded broadcasting software. The method varies from site to site.

Sign in with your account.

Create a channel or room. Many sites have a “Broadcast Now” or “Go Live” button.

Allow Flash to access your webcam. You typically only need to do this the first time that you broadcast on the site if you check the “Remember” or “Always Allow” box. You may need to update your version of Flash.

Start broadcasting. Once your camera has been detected, you can immediately begin broadcasting

Download broadcasting software for a higher-quality stream. Many services offer free versions of their own broadcasting software, or allow third-party software such as Flash Media Live Encoder or Open Broadcaster Software. Click here for detailed instructions.

Embed your stream on your own website. Once you have your channel set up, you can use the provided embedding code to place it into your own website. In order to do this, you will need to be able to edit the code for your website. Contact your web developer if you don’t have personal access.

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