November 16, 2017

How to use Airtel Nite internet plan

One of my friend shared a tutorial on how to use MTN 4.5gig during the the Here and now we have also discovered a way to use Airtel Internet night data plan/bundle during the day after Airtel launched there new Android plan, without wasting much of our time let proceed to the next step to make airtel night internet plan to work during the day.

Step to Step on how to use airtel night plan during the day time:
You need to subscript to Airtel 1GB 30 days data plan for N1200 by Texting BSM to 440

*.When the Data bundle has been exhausted, DO NOT CANCEL THE VALIDITY PERIOD,

Then Subscribe for Airtel 3.90GB Night Plan for
2500 by dialing *141*712*7#

*.You should now be able to use the Airtel Night  plan During the day Because of the existing Validity period from the 1GB Plan
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