November 05, 2017

How to use Android Phone or Symbian phone To Control Computer Or Laptop Through Bluetooth

Today I will introduce you to how to Use Android Phone to Control Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth. What I am implying is, how to use android phone to operate your computer, laptop or PC. If this was a fantasy to you, then it will cease being one by the end of this post. In the world of technology, these devices can be interlinked and reason or work in conjunction with each other to achieve a certain unified goal. Computers and android phones seem to agree on various functionalities and therefore it should not seem impossible to use Android Phone to Control Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth or WiFi. To do this, both your android phone and computer/laptop/PC need to have bluetooth and or WiFi capabilities. (Bonus Tip: WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity). In this tutorial, we shall focus on the bluetooth connection. As usual, I will attach a video tutorial demonstrating this whole procedure at the end of the article.

Requirements to Use Android Phone to Control Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth
    1. Android phone version 2.5 and up
    2. Computer/ laptop running windows 7/8/8.1/10
    3. Monect PC RemoteProcedure;
      1. Download Monect PC Remote and install it on your phone.
      2. Download and install the Receiver above into your computer, laptop or PC. The link is provided in the android App. You are at liberty to open the android app and get the link. Alternatively, just google (Monect PC Remote) and you shall get to their page. Use this link to reach their website.
      3. Open Monect PC Remote on Your phone. You will see two connection possibilities, that is, WiFi and Bluetooth. Tap on the Bluetooth button to use a connection through bluetooth.
      4. Now head over to your Computer and open Monnect PC remote receiver. Make sure bluetooth is on both the devices.
      5. Go back to your computer and hit on Scan. You will see a device name of your computer on the phone, tap on it to connect. 
    4. Once connected, you can Use Android Phone to Control Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth. You can set a password so that whenever one tries to connect, they have to enter the password. Consider using this as a safety measure. Among the things you can do while using your Android Phone to Control your Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth or wi-fi are;
      • Use the phone as a mouse; move the cursor, right click and left click functions.
      • You can create and edit Microsoft text documents, power points, spreadsheets etc on your computer using android phone.
      • Use android phone to move Powerpoint slides in a presentation.
      • Browse through the files and folders on your computer using your android phone and there’s an option to copy some of these documents to your phone.
      • Play songs in your computer on your android phone.
      Below is a video demonstrating the above procedure in use. The video mainly focuses on Using android phone as a gamepad to play games such as FIFA and GTA
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