November 05, 2017

Immaculata Onuigbo is the AUN best graduating student


This is a student who set her eyes on a target and refused to be distracted from it.

Immaculata Onuigbo is one of the names the American University of Nigeria will have in its book of academic excellence.



As her name suggests, Immaculata graduated from the University with a clean, perfect CGPA of 3.98.
She's got to be celebrated and that is why we went looking for her to tell us the secret, the challenges and what academic victory feels like.
Immaculata's academic brilliance and sound mind have earned her a well-deserved reward as she emerged the best graduating student from the American University of Nigeria.
This is a student who set her eyes on a target and refused to be distracted from it.
"I have always seen academic excellence as an opportunity to not just get sterling grades, but also an opportunity to prepare for the future. On that note, I tried as much as possible to enjoy the learning process rather than see it as a burden.  started off by choosing Petroleum Chemistry because I enjoyed Chemistry while in secondary school."
Apart from determination and focus, Immaculata has time management as another ingredient for success. And this is one thing Nigerian students should learn from this young lady because time management is ostensibly an issue on campus.
"Time management was also another factor. I have come to understand that no matter how smart one is, if you can't meet deadlines, you would still score in the same percentile as others who may not have understood the material well. So I decided to have a study plan in which I wrote down all tasks and allotted times to do them. It really helped because I had time to finish my work well, digested the knowledge and had time to review them before submitting them.
Yes, I wanted to come out with a first class as that would position me well for other future opportunities like scholarships and job competitiveness. Although being the best graduate was never consciously planned - I was lucky.
While some undergraduate scholars break record low-key without having a good relationship with their lecturers or recognised by them, Immaculata sees working with lecturers as an opportunity to achieve greater things. This is really working for her and the genius is enjoying it.
I have also had the opportunity to work on energy research with my lecturers in school. To me, this is a huge opportunity because that has prepared me for graduate studies as I have gained skills on how to conduct a proper scientific-worthy journal research.
How on earth did she now make this achievement considering campus many activities, some of which are considered as distractions by eficos ? (Efico is a campus slang for brilliant students)

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