November 05, 2017

SUG President accused of looting N4m has left Nigeria


A student of the University, Chibike Osinem, who spoke to IPOSTCITY about the alleged scandal said the accusation is false and that the president was not in Nigeria when his impeachment was moved by Tabugbo Kenneth, the Speaker of the Students' Representatives.

Osinem said Ezeja and other Nigerian SUG presidents travel to Europe to have meetings with their European counterparts, adding that the allegation against him is not genuine.
"The information (about the alleged scandal) is invalid, it is the work of the people who are against him. Besides he is not in Nigeria now. And they can not impeach him when he is not around. They are just against him."
They are in a meeting with other school executives in Nigeria and abroad. They were in Paris before and from there they went to Sweden. They left Sweden today for another country.
Two other students who spoke to Ipostcity about the allegation against Ezeja on Thursday, November 2, said they could not confirm the genuineness of the allegation against the SUG president.
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