November 09, 2017

Tips to ping S40 Java & Symbian Phones

As we all know Blackberry phones need a Pin of a person inorder to Ping the person but Nokia Phones dont need any pin before they can chat, just your Phone Number will be used as your pin. Blackberry Users Should read how to ping on blackberry, iphone, android if you don’t know how.
Even if the Application is not Opened at that particular time, and anyone Ping you, you’ll receive the message Then Once you click on it, It will Automatically Click on the Message and start Chatting with the Person.

How To Start Pinging On Your Symbian Or Java Phones
1. Download the Whats App Software for your Phone bellow & Install it on your Phone.
Download WhatsApp for Symbian OS
Download WhatsApp for Nokia S40
2. After Installation, Open and Follow the Instruction on the screen.
3. After Confirmation, It will also Confirm your Phone Number, After all that, it will Open the WhatsApp Interface and you will see all your Friends using WhatsApp to Ping.
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4. You can now Navigate to any of the Section you want, To Add a New Friend to Ping, Just go to your Phone Book in Contact and Add a New Name, Just like you add new contact to your Phone, not using this Application, Then Open This Application and you will be able to Ping the person, and wait for him to Reply even if he is not Online, He will be Notify
5. Now you can Start Chatting with the Person and Keep Catching Fun Free of Charge using this Wonderful Apps..
6. The Chat Interface is just like that of the Blackberry chat.
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