November 09, 2017

Top 10 Applications I Cant Do Without


Symbian Applications I Cant Do Without

I Havent been so comfortable blogging With java phone ever since i left my Nokia 3230 S60 Phone, just of recent i started using Nokia E5, in this post i’ll be listing the Top 10 S60 Applications I Cant Do Without In A Day
Nokia S60 Phones has always been my favourite smartphone/gadget as of this time because i dont know which gadget am Moving to in no time to this period. Without talking too much lets quickly discuss this so called Top 10 Apps For S60 Phone.

1. Netqin Anti-Virus
Behind any successful OS (Operating System) there must be an Anti-Virus, i bet it with you i dont know what might happen to your SymbianOS if no anti-virus. NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus has been one of my best anti malware software because it gives my SymbianOS maximum protection. NetQin Mobile Security is designed to protect your gadget/device/smartphone against viruses and malware, while keeping your system running at optimum speed.
Featured in Mobile Security is the availability of scanning and deletion, with Cloud + Client Twin Engine Technology and real-time protection. Frequent virus database updates are readily available to ensure it users are fully protected from the latest threats! Also included is an Anti-lost feature, which runs on GPS tracking, and a full cross-server contacts backup system also provide full protection for users’ data.

2. Opera Mobile
I can boldly say this that none of all smartphone users including the s40 users can do Without this app, Opera Mobile has been the most widely use mobile browser across the world, if it happen for me to uninstall all Applications on my phone this will definitely be left out and be the last running app on my phone, Opera Mobile makes life easier when it comes to internet world, it minimise the data usage and its fast enough and it was called the fastest mobile browser ever, no one can say if there will be an alternative to this app which will be more better than this in future. As of this time, this is the best mobile browser one cant do Without in a day.

3. Facebook Mobile App
Facebook is no doubt the fast and No. 1 leading social networking site all over the world, ever since Facebook acquire Snaptu, the world of Facebook have been spread to all Mobile users with the Facebook mobile app, this Facebook mobile app makes it easier to navigate Facebook, and connect and share with family and friends, the Facebook app is not made for fancy phones only but for all phone with all possible best the app to be the most used app in a day, as a result of the launch of this Facebook app Facebook hit 1 Billion active users on October 4th. I cant say there are some people who are not using this app.

4. Google Map
Google Map has been helping me in one way or the other, it help me to easily locate a house or street even an office and their contact details, though my phone has a built-in Nokia Map which comes with lots of features, i just need to get Google Map to it and use the both! With Google map, you can even let it direct you from one place to another, Moving from on town to another house in another Google Map can help you in that showing the way to the specific house. This app is not meant for S60 only, its for all phone.

5. Whatsapp Messenger
Whatsapp has been one of the most instant messaging Applications which i used everyday, with Whatsapp you can instantly connect with your family and friends or school mates, it helps me to get intouch with my subscribers and fans. its such a nice application that protect your privacy, only who knows and have your number can get in touch with you.

6. Nokia Mail
Nokia Mail allow me to sign in to my email such as Yahoo, Gmal, Hotmail and save me the stress of running to check my latest inbox, it gives me a popup on my screen about new mail and its handy, its a Follow Come App But You can try System Seven For Your Device and goof around you mail box.

7. UC Browser

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