December 06, 2017

Get a Full Scholarship in 2018/19 Session | Fully Funded

How to Get a Full Scholarship in 2018/19 Session | Fully Funded

How to Get a Full Scholarship in 2018/19 Session. There are many scholarships available than you may think. Scholarships differ from loans in that they offer free money. You can therefore expect stiff competition for most scholarships.

It is worth your time and effort to seek out the relevant scholarships and apply for them. Start looking for scholarships and grants months before you need them. If you are a postgraduate student, you can apply for fellowships which are scholarships for graduate students.

You also need to know what to expect from a scholarship when you apply for it. Some scholarships are fully funded, others are partial. Plan to wait for several weeks or months to find out whether you got the scholarship.
The best way to obtain a scholarship is to do a thorough research in this website. There is no short cut. You need to click on almost every link, read through and find out if you qualify. Apply for many scholarships; you can never apply for too many!

How to Get a Scholarship: In the scholarships and grants section of this website, you will find many organizations, colleges and universities that offer scholarships. If you follow the links given, you will get their addresses and contact information.

All the scholarships in that section are offered annually. Some organizations may not have updated the website/application dates since the last deadline. They should answer you on any query in regard to this.
Each organization, college or university has its own criteria that a student must meet to be considered for the scholarship.

Once you have the contact information of the organizations, you must write to them and request an application. Some offer an online application. Ensure you send your request well ahead of the deadline.
You can check list of countries offering scholarships here.

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