January 17, 2018

FBLaunches Threat Exchange Service


Cyber threats are now commonplace in the news, and we see constantly see large companies subjected to targeted cyber attacks. The information sharing around cyber threats, however, tends to be very siloed and available only to a select few in the "right" circles.
Information providers are perfectly entitled to take this route, but it also restricts the ebb and flow of information between those businesses and professionals that could benefit from the information. To try and remedy this problem, Facebook has released the much-discussed ThreatExchange project.
The aim of the project is straightforward: to allow any business or IT professional who is interested  in current and potential cyber attacks to review and contribute any information they may have related to current attacks or other potential cyber threats.
ThreatExchange can be used by subscribed users to work with the information for any legitimate purpose, including research and prevention of attacks. To prevent any information leakage, Facebook offers the ability for submitters to restrict access to reports and information submitted to individuals or groups within the reporting ecosystem.
At present, it appears that the users are divided into two pools: providers and consumers. Judging by the signup process, it would also appear to be manually verified and aimed solely at larger businesses, rather than those merely interested in reading about the latest potential cyber threat.
The product is still in beta, and there's not much additional information available at the moment as to subscribers or volume.

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